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40 Years of Experience

Modeled after the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress, HPA offers confidential, nonpartisan expert analysis and advice.

Our Services

HPA supports our clients’ advocacy efforts including analysis of policy and payment proposals, written summaries of federal regulations, and development of draft legislation.

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Advisors on Health Policy, Legislation, Regulations and the Policy-Making Process

Welcome to HPA

Since 1978, HPA has helped organizations meet their objectives by offering technically sound analysis and practical advice about health care issues and the health policy-making process. 

Our Clients

include hospital associations and hospital systems; physician, nursing and other practitioner associations; insurance associations and companies; health delivery organizations; consumer organizations; foundations; manufacturer associations and individual corporations providing a variety of health care products and services.

Our Principals 

combine technical expertise and analytical skills with an in-depth knowledge of the federal health policy-making process to help clients develop proposals and strategies that take into account the current legislative, regulatory and political landscape.

What We Do

HPA assesses the implications of legislative and regulatory proposals, the reports of government commissions and advisory bodies, and the proposals of non-government entities. We provide timely, strategic advice about the policy risks and opportunities presented in the current environment.